Breed Profile

British Shorthairs usually live into their early teens but it has been known for them to live much longer but generally 15 years is an average life span and they have few health problems. British Shorthairs mature slowly not reaching maturity until around 5 years old.

The British Shorthair is one of the oldest and largest breeds of cat. It is chunky and substantial, the male is much larger than the female. The face is round with full cheeks and the nose is short and broad. The chin is deep and strong.  The ears are small and rounded and set so as to blend with the round contour of the head. The eyes are large and round. The head is set on a short thick neck. The body is cobby with a short level back. The chest is broad and deep and the shoulders are strong. The legs are short and strong with round paws. The tail is thick and of medium length.

The coat is short and dense so no major grooming issues, a quick brush to remove the loose hairs is normally enough.

The British Shorthair has a tendency to be laid back and placid, they generally like to keep all four paws on the ground and prefer to sit next to you rather than on you but are very affectionate. They purr loudly but are not noisy cats, until feeding time when our brood wrap around our legs making little chirruping noises.

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